Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bush. Enemy of the Environment

Do you know of someone still pissed at Bush for not signing the Kyoto Treaty? Why didn't he sign the dang thing? Why does he hate the environment? Why? Why?? Of course, as with anything, there is another side to the story. One that mainstream media conveniently and efficiently swept under the rug. You know, because it didn't further their agenda.

Signing the treaty would have meant Very Bad Things for our economy. Here's why.

1) Energy prices would go up - gas prices 30% and electric 50-80%. You want to pay more for... everything?

2) Decrease in productivity (anywhere from $100 billion to $400 billion), because the treaty mandated that we cut back on our output. This in turn would lead to people losing their jobs or seeing their wages shrink. By 2020, our manufacturers would have to curb production by up to 15%, affecting our competitiveness

3) The treaty excluded developing nations even though their carbon emissions would exceed ours by 2020

4) A study conducted by NASA also stated that carbon dioxide emissions may not be the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, yet it is still the focus of the treaty groups (I wonder why??)

5) According to the U.N., countries who signed the Kyoto treaty, namely Austria, New Zealand and Canada have in fact increased their emissions by 14, 23 and 54% respectively

And, contrary to what many of you may be hearing, we actually have a pretty darn good environmental record. From an article from Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D,

"The U.S. government estimates that energy-related carbon dioxide emissions increased by just 1.6 percent in 2007, after dropping 1.5 percent the year before. The growth in our emissions is less than the growth of our Gross Domestic Product, meaning we've improved the economy while reducing the growth in our emissions."

Also, according to The Heritage Foundation,

"... no EU nation has ratified the treaty, and none are close to ratifying it, despite predictions by experts that carbon dioxide emissions in Europe will be up to 14 percent above 1990 levels by 2010"

So be prepared to tell those leftist dunderheads out there that there were reasons why Bush didn't sign the dang treaty. And that he was doing it to protect the interests of our country. And be prepared to hear, "Well, we looked bad not signing it...".

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