Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting to know the SEIU

According to their web site (, the Service Employees International Union is the largest and fastest growing union in North America. It currently has 2 million members in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico who work in 3 service industry divisions -- health care, public services and property services.

SEIU's PAC (Political Action Committee), the SEIU Committee on Political Education gave $13.53 million to Barack Obama during his campaign, and another $3.16 million to oppose John McCain. While
money collected from union dues cannot be donated to political campaigns. SEIU, like many other unions, encourages members to donate to its PAC, which is free to use that money for political purposes. (Read the whole article here)

From CNN,

The SEIU donated $85 million(!!) to Democratic campaign war chests for last year's elections, and its 2 million members put in countless hours of volunteer time on the campaign trail.

So in-te-res-tinng... Also interesting is that some of the anti-AIG protesters we saw over the last week were made up of SEIU workers. Read about it here, here and oh, if you really want the juice, read this... the headline is "SEIU President Andy Stern to Speak & Deliver 'Reality Check' at AIG Building in DC".

And while the Stern is waggling his finger at bailed out banks and executive bonuses, the SEIU isn't exactly squeaky clean either. Great article on it from the American Thinker.

The question on my mind is, did he know that Washington knew about those AIG bonuses? I mean, was it all pretend? More smoke and mirrors?

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