Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama blows his own horn...

... and out comes a flat note.

From CNN: "Obama Touts Job Creation From Stimulus Plan".

(**in case you've forgotten, that's the $787 BILLION (!) Stimulus Plan**)

"The graduating cadets were informed at the end of January that they would be laid off because of a shortfall in the city's budget, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said.

A few weeks later, however, the city was given a $1.25 million stimulus grant through the Justice Department, which would provide funding for the cadets' jobs through the end of 2009. The cadets' future is uncertain beyond that point."

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I don't mean to see the glass as half full, but with unemployment currently at 8.1% (a 25-year high) and the Dow at 6,626.94, you've saved twenty five jobs. Federal jobs. Until the end of the year.

Big whoop, Mr. President.

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